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Lie Sang Bong SS15 New York Fashion Week

AOFM headed the makeup for the elegant and gorgeous designer Lie Sang Bong. The AOFM team was led by makeup artist Yin Lee for AOFM Pro. Our AOFM graduates headed backstage to the Mercedes-Benz tent to set up for what was sure to be one of the most beautiful shows during New York Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by an explosion of natural beauty and nature. The stage was set up with the most beautiful backdrop and runway. The sky was the most perfect blue with an explosion of beautiful butterflies which carried all the way down the runway. The collection replicated this beauty. The makeup was inspired by the colours of the sky with a clean blue shadow on the eye topped with a glossy finish.

To start the skin was cleansed, toned, and moisturised using Dermalogica products. The lashes are curled very well to keep an uplifting effect on the eyes. The foundation was flawlessly beautiful skin using the Creamstick blend-able foundations from Alcone. The Koh Gen Do illuminator was used on the highlights of the cheeks bones, which glowed on the skin as the models walked down the runway. The eyebrows were kept natural but brushed straight up using an Alcone eyebrow gel. To really make the eyes pop we added a matte white eyeliner into the waterline. The focus of the look was the sky blue eyeshadow placed on the whole lid. It was a beautiful splash of colour. To add some texture a sticky gloss was added over the eyeshadow to reflect the runway lights. The eyelashes were kept natural combing through a clear mascara to add definition. The lips were muted out and matte with a nude lipstick. To eliminate the shine on the skin the models were powdered just before hitting the runway.

The show truly proved to be one of the most beautiful shows and collections. Thank you to the AOFM Pro team and Alcone beauty for supplying us with the makeup backstage.

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