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AOFM Graduates @ Semir X CJ Yao – New York Fashion Week

With a 6 am call time to the famous Spring Studios in Manhattan, our graduate team arrived, clutching their coffee and squinting their eyes; ready for the beginning of another long day of shows. With two Chinese designers collaborating on today’s show, both eccentric in their own way, sparks were flying with the creativity of the joint powerhouse that was Semir and CJ Yao.

The collections visual messages were reflected in the brief of the makeup from the key artist, each model having a predetermined written message on his or her face, some evoking emotion, others just plain bizarre! alongside the written messages on the faces there were the additions of blobs of the three primary colours in what would look to an outsider as a random marking, b ut each was decided with the designers before the briefing with the key artist.

It was a fun show, with up-tempo music that matched the fun atmosphere of the backstage environment, all of which woke the grads up and got them ready to attack the rest of the day!

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