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We are proud
to be Voted the best makeup school in Europe and the top 3 best makeup schools to attend around the world across google.

AOFM has cemented its position as one of the world’s most recognized and unrivaled fashion, editorial, catwalk and bridal makeup academies. Due to our industry success, and unique educational concept, there are many schools who try to imitate us. However, they don’t come close to our level of fashion industry expertise, contacts, work opportunities or the commitment we give to our graduates. We are proud to have taught some of the leading hair and makeup artists as well as fashion and beauty editors from the most prestigious fashion magazines and newspapers. Slide through this section to see our unique points and what makes the AOFM Academy like no other.

Our Teachers and Graduates are
Real Award Winners!

Our grads are real award winners and we are so proud of them! AOFM graduates have won the Professional Beauty Makeup Artist of the Year, two years in a row, as well as the Clothes, Show Live Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year. So, as you can imagine, it makes us very proud and goes to show how we give them the head start to make it in the industry. Not only are our graduate’s award winners but our tutors are too! Our AOFM Pro tutor Carolyn Roper has crowned the CIBTAC Body Artist of the Year in 2010 and is double World Body Painting Champion.NOTE: ‘Award Winning School’ is something thrown about these days. Please do your research and ask what awards they have won and check them out. You will be surprised about who has really won awards.

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One-to-One Attention
With a personal and caring touch!

Our class sizes are kept small to maximise learning and to build teacher-student bonds.This enables us to offer a much higher level of personal attention from artist to student. Our teachers pride themselves on always being approachable and understanding, as they know that students are investing in their careers and were in your position when they started out. Our trainers are there to always help and support you along the way. We offer the best international trainers in the business! This teaching style sets us apart from any other institution, ensuring you receive the highest level of one-to-one training from our tutors throughout your course.

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International Tutors
Only the best for our students

We guarantee our tutors are the best in the business, plus we are the only school to offer a different teacher every day that is currently working in the industry. These guest tutors are represented by top agencies across the globe. Having a huge team of more than
40 hand- picked artists who are internationally recognised means they not only train you, but share their extensive industry knowledge. And our artists work with the biggest names in the business! You would be surprised at how few schools offer truly established, working artists in their classrooms. We encourage you to research all the teachers on your shortlist of makeup academy’s to see if they are currently working in the industry. GOOGLE THEM! It’s the best way to find out what’s true and what’s not. We guarantee our team are the best in the industry and work full time as freelance artists.

For more details on our artists, including profiles and client lists click ‘here’

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Our Products
Like a kid in a candy store!

Our philosophy is to give every student the most up-to-date industry tools when training. To be the best in the business you need to understand how to use your products. This is one of the most important elements of being a good makeup artist. If you don’t understand products and the wide range of brands available, it will limit your ability to be the best makeup artist. A makeup artist will never use just one brand but work from a selection of different ones. We don’t believe in supplying makeup kits because this will limit the amount of product knowledge a student learns throughout their training. In most cases, schools will supply their own brand of cosmetics or a very limited kit to work from. This will not give any student a proper understanding of product knowledge. In the classroom, students will have a base kit of products to work from throughout the course, but more impressively the opportunity to use full ranges from the most prestigious and luxury makeup brands on the market. We don’t just offer a few products from each range we offer the entire range! You won’t find a school with more products choice than AOFM.

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Your Creative Day
With guidance from the industry’s elite talent!

The most IMPORTANT tool to a makeup artist is a portfolio of images that you can present and promote yourself and your work to a potential client. We give our students the chance to explore their creativity in an organized photoshoot like no other. Our students work with hand picked industry specialists to create outstanding work for their portfolios. Our teachers are on hand to help you create some stunning looks. Professional fashion models from leading model agencies will be provided for you to work with. Shortly after your shoot you will be given all the low-resolution images. From there you can pick which images you would like professionally retouched for your portfolio. Please note that retouching your images is not included in the course fee. If you decide not to get your images professionally retouched you can request up to 8 images in high-resolution from the photographer (if you decide to take this route then you will not be allowed to credit the photographer in the image). This is a great opportunity for you to jump-start your career and start booking work as a professional makeup artist! Be aware we use only professional models compared to most schools that use street models or make you bring in a friend which does not give you a professional finish or have a professional industry standard.

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Exclusive Discounts
Only for AOFM graduates!

The Academy and our artists take pride in giving our students the very best personal attention and headstart to their careers. This is why we established the first ever personal shopping day during our courses. One of our artists takes the students out shopping and helps you build your makeup and hair kits. We introduce you to store managers and staff, which enables you to build more industry contacts and relationships, but best of all to take advantage of discounts exclusive to AOFM.
Our unique relationships with leading cosmetic houses allow us to offer a much wider range of discount programs! These exclusive discounts are run through the Academy from a wide range of stores and brands. All discounts schemes are subject to AOFM campus. Brands and stores include: MAC, Dermalogica, Shu Uemura, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Screen Face, Benefit, Stila, Ricky’s, Pam, Bare Escentuals, INGLOT, Smashbox, OCC, KMS, Goldwell, Crown Brush, The Makeup Store, NYX and many many more. There’s just not enough room on the page!

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London – New York – Paris – Milan
Experience the 4 fashion capitals of the world – only with us!

As we have branches and/or connections in London, New York, Paris, and Milan, our graduates are able to take advantage of assisting, work placements and contacts available in each city. AOFM heads shows and major events in all four cities and graduates from any of our campuses are offered the choice of travelling to any event or show we head. From New York Fashion Week to London Fashion Week you could be working backstage with us. The choice is yours. We truly are a global makeup academy and for that reason can offer more international work opportunities than any other school. Check out our student work to see just some of the many international opportunities we offer our graduates.

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AOFM’s Famous Aftercare Program
A first in the industry!

We are the only makeup school to offer free, unlimited aftercare training, industry contacts and work placements. We believe in giving our students every opportunity possible in this highly competitive industry. Our school offers the widest range of working makeup artists and therefore our students are exposed to more contacts and industry insider information. Many students leave other schools wondering, ‘where do I go from here?’ This doesn’t happen to AOFM students. We have created a revolutionary aftercare program especially designed to give step-by-step help and support needed to become successful. Once you finish your training course with us you will automatically be offered our aftercare program. You can take these classes as often and for as long as you like. AOFM also connects you with cosmetic giants in the industry such as MAC, Dior and Bobbi Brown as well as top magazine editors from publications such as Marie Claire, Elle & Vogue.Since AOFM created the first Aftercare programme we now see it advertised everywhere. Be VERY wary about what is actually offered. Do your research on Google, Facebook and Twitter. We guarantee more masterclasses, connections in the industry and opportunities than any other school. Check out our Aftercare page and see for yourself!

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More than 7000 successful students and Work Opportunities
We kick start your careers all over the world!

AOFM is the only makeup academy to directly invest in our student’s ongoing development by offering more then 700+ working and assisting positions every year. We have offered more than 6000 work opportunities since AOFM’s creation and counting! This includes runway shows at Fashion Weeks around the world including London, Paris, New York, Milan, Berlin, and Moscow, as well as top international events like Cannes Film Festival, Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and the Global Fashion Awards. AOFM graduates will also be given the opportunity to assist makeup artists for editorial shoots in British and Italian Vogue, Dazed and Confused, InStyle and Marie Claire!
We were the first to offer this to our students. There are many imitators offering similar experiences, so please do your research and make sure that any school that says they offer aftercare and assisting work show strong evidence to back up their claims. Check our Facebook & Twitter as well as Student Work on here for additional details on how much we offer our graduates. We can guarantee that AOFM offers more work placements then any other school in the industry!

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Contacts Are Everything To a Makeup Artist
We’ve opened thousands of doors for our graduates!

AOFM has spent many years building its brand, creating a huge industry name and presence. Our philosophy has always been that an educator needs to be constantly involved and in-touch with the industry. How can you teach current make-up knowledge and trends if you are not actively involved in the industry?! This is a must for us, and is a solid foundation for our training. Having some of the world’s leading working freelance makeup artists teach our courses brings the most amazing clients and opportunities for our students. This is something that other schools can only dream of giving their grads! We travel around the world with our students, taking them backstage to work on more than 60 runway shows a year, on magazine shoots and at global events. Since starting AOFM our students have worked on events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model Live and we are the only academy to work for and judge the prestigious Global Fashion Awards. Not only that, but we bring in industry experts from all areas of the industry to share knowledge with our students. These contacts can take a makeup artist years to achieve! With AOFM we bridge that gap and enable our students to work on these exciting connections within weeks of graduation. But don’t take our word for it. Have a good look through our Twitter and Facebook to see for yourself the hundreds of places and opportunities we offer our students.

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We Are Always Original
Don’t be a copy cat

Due to the number of cases AOFM have encountered we would like to make it very clear that the material on this entire website is copyrighted and/or trademarked by AOFM. Any makeup school, company or person found to be reproducing, copying or passing off any part of our text or images on this site will be legally prosecuted. AOFM has zero tolerance for reproduction of our original concepts and text. What you see on this site is 100% ours so find your own ideas and text please. If you do see any text and or images from our site anywhere else please kindly notify us straight away.

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Real Reviews Straight from the
Mouths of Past Graduates.

AOFM takes pride in delivering not only a great education but unrivalled global work placements. Because of this, our graduates have gone on to be our ambassadors and spreading the word on how AOFM has changed their lives. Read real reviews from our graduates from both our London and New York Academies. What they all agree on is how beneficial it is to have the extensive range of professional and luxury products to use in the classroom, being taught by our fabulous international teachers, and the 100’s of work opportunities and job placements we send them on all over the world. It just goes to show that we are doing all the right things to give our graduates the best kickstart to their careers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews and see the life-changing experience of AOFM for yourself.

Note: Don’t always believe testimonials on makeup schools websites. Do your research and always check for 3rd party websites.
Read past graduate reviews from our schools here www.reviews.co.uk

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