The Truth About Qualifications.

Go global – get certified by AOFM (Academy of Freelance Make Up) – an association of international freelancemakeup artists.

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Becoming certified by the Academy of Freelance Make Up opens doors globally. Recognised around the world as a sign of excellence, AOFM was created as an association of international freelance artists working with the industry’s elite. With our global education centres & our high profile international clients, whilst there are many certificates in the makeup industry, AOFM is one that you can be sure has a level of recognition around the world.
But a true test of any good school and/or its certification is to look at its past student’s success and the client lists they have gone on to build. Within weeks of graduation, our students are hired to work by our friends & connections in professional luxury brands such as MAC, Dior, Bobbi Brown & Charlotte Tilbury. But that’s not all, take a look at our student success

Always base your commitment to any school training based on their teachers and students’ achievements and success, and by researching the schools’ teachers and global connections. It is also very important to know that certificates will not guarantee you secure work as a freelance makeup artist, regardless of what you may be told by other schools. There is NO ONE international awarding body for makeup artists. If anyone tells you this, they’re lying. We always offer honest guidance to our potential students and if you feel unsure of certification or what it takes to actually work as professional freelance makeup artist in Fashion Catwalk, magazines, Bridal, the best thing to do is contact an independent source, such as some of the leading makeup artist agencies who operate separately to any makeup school.

These agencies will promote & sell you after training. Give them a call and ask what they require to sign with them. They will all tell you its a portfolio and images of your work only and this is what you will need to concentrate on working towards. This ethos and an accurate account of the industry is what we teach our students from the day they book a course with us.




What makes AOFM so special?

AOFM is a revolution in training. Since we launched our unique style of training, there have been so many imitators! No makeup school has been able to offer the level of tutors, the amount of product range, aftercare or assisting opportunities we offer to our students and graduates.

First thing to understand is that a school can never, ever give you instant success (not even us), although many will promise this. It takes time, effort and endless networking. A makeup artist has to shoot as many images as possible for their portfolios, and work on the widest possible range of events and shows. This can take a few years.

Many schools claim to offer working artists. Don’t take their word for it. Google all their teachers and see for yourself what they are doing in the industry. Check their client list. Are they with agencies? You may be very surprised at who is current and who is not.

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Does having a certificate or qualification mean anything?

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