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Another powerful masterclass filled with starting makeup artists and professionals who began their ascension with AOFM into their careers. Supporting our makeup artists career is what AOFM is well known for. Our older alumnus would know, we encourage all our students to take these free masterclasses. We’ve already brought in many influences keeping our graduates up to date and connected with different brands and personalities. 

We were joined by three of our friends and Pro Makeup Artists at Charlotte Tilbury in the UK. Where they took the time to share their knowledge of the industry with a sneak peak of their on-the-go kit filled with CT products. The masterclass had two demonstrations where they exposed their own individual techniques and views as a Pro Makeup Artist. This is where students take advantage of product knowledge and the question and answer portion. We appreciate our friends and supporters who continue to empower our students, as they believe in the same career etiquette of being a Makeup Artist.

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