Our Aftercare


AOFM is the only Makeup Academy to provide International Aftercare to
its graduates through FREE Masterclasses, designed to support and
nurture the talents, providing with ongoing unlimited free education,
product knowledge and building international contacts.  Recognizing
the importance of continuous learning and industry exposure, the
Academy partnered with leading makeup brands to provide all graduates
with invaluable opportunities to expand their skills, network with
industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and

The recently held MAKEUP Masterclass by CHARLOTTE TILLBURY at the AOFM
Masterclass Festival was an enchanting celebration of luxury beauty
and the art of glamorous makeup. As a prestigious makeup brand
synonymous with elegance and sophistication, CHARLOTTE TILLBURY’s
participation in the festival elevated the event to unparalleled
heights, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the world of
iconic makeup looks and the brand’s coveted products.

The essence of the MAKEUP Masterclass lay in capturing the essence of
the CHARLOTTE TILLBURY brand: empowering individuals to look and feel
like the most beautiful versions of themselves. The brand’s makeup
artists, renowned for their artistry and expertise, demonstrated the
signature looks that have graced red carpets, fashion runways, and
magazine covers.

The interactive workshops and demonstrations immersed participants in
the world of luxury beauty. Attendees had the opportunity to
experience the transformative power of CHARLOTTE TILLBURY’s iconic
products, from the universally beloved Pillow Talk collection to the
renowned Magic Cream. This hands-on experience empowered attendees to
embrace the brand’s ethos of enhancing their natural beauty and
embracing their individuality.

The MAKEUP Masterclass by CHARLOTTE TILLBURY inspired participants to
explore their unique style and creativity. Attendees were encouraged
to experiment with classic looks and bold statements, gaining
confidence in their makeup application skills and personalizing makeup
techniques to suit their features and preferences.

The event went beyond makeup application; it was a celebration of
beauty and self-expression. CHARLOTTE TILLBURY’s makeup artists
imparted valuable beauty tips and tricks, emphasizing that makeup is
not only about enhancing external appearances but also about embracing
inner confidence and radiance.

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