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AOFM is renowned for its Aftercare classes, continuously supporting students and graduates throughout their career as PRO Artists. So we lock down masterclasses from only prestigious international brands. Here, our AOFM students and graduates are refreshed, with the latest trends in techniques and products.

So, once again we have tied up with Charlotte Tilbury in the Middle East for another of their impressive masterclasses, exclusive for AOFM. Charlotte Tilbury is a profound Makeup Artist who believed in persistence. She continued to strive as her network grew, her career prospered and soon after was the birth of her own cosmetic line. Greatly admired for her success story, she continues to inspire and teach others the ‘Power of Makeup.’

The class was hosted by Charlotte Tilbury’s PRO team in Dubai. Held in the Dubai Mall boutique where they showcased their product range and training. The AOFM attendees were shared of Charlottes achievements and taught the secrets to her success. Here, students studied the latest techniques and tested their artistic capabilities using their famous product line. In addition to their benefits they were also granted exclusive discounts with Charlotte Tilbury as a career boost in building their professional kit.

Trends are on a constant move and we at AOFM understand the importance of guiding our students throughout their career. Being taught first hand by prestigious brands has put them ahead of the competition as they continue to grow and network, building their image as a Professional Makeup Artist.

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