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AOFM is known for its Aftercare classes, where students and graduates are provided with continuous support in improving their skills as a Professional Makeup Artist. AOFM holds FREE masterclasses led by celebrated brands worldwide. This gives our graduates the upper hand in broadening their reach in networking and work acquisitions.

Again, we give our students the advantage of training with one the most renowned brands, INGLOT COSMETICS. The brand has over 35 years of experience in the industry with over 800 branches across the globe. Covering large scale events on Broadway, INGLOT COSMETICS indeed has a different direction in training – this could be our graduates’ lucky break.

In this masterclass led by INGLOT Pro team and marketing team, makeup artists are showcased INGLOTS large range of products and techniques they use. Products and skills are put to the test, exhibiting demos on how artists can express their creativity through different mediums.

We understand the importance of mentoring and these Masterclasses instil confidence in our graduates, as well as allowing them to continue to learn and network post studying. We believe they are imperative to our students’ success and their ability to go on and find jobs which they love. 

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