Our Aftercare


AOFM is the only Makeup Academy to provide International Aftercare to
its graduates through FREE Masterclasses, designed to support and
nurture the talents, providing with ongoing unlimited free education,
product knowledge and building international contacts.  Recognizing
the importance of continuous learning and industry exposure, the
Academy partnered with leading makeup brands to provide all graduates
with invaluable opportunities to expand their skills, network with
industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and

We are delighted to celebrate the extraordinary success of the
recently held HAIRSTYLING Masterclass by Kevin Murphy, a captivating
and transformative event that shone brightly within the AOFM
Masterclass Festival. With a vision that marries artistry and
sustainability, Kevin Murphy’s masterclass enthralled participants
with innovative techniques, cutting-edge trends, and a commitment to
eco-conscious hair care. Attendees were taken on an inspiring journey,
exploring the limitless possibilities of hairstyling while embracing
ethical practices that harmonize with the environment. Kevin Murphy’s
unwavering dedication to elevating hair artistry, paired with a
profound sense of responsibility to our planet, left an indelible mark
on the hairstyling community. As participants depart with newfound
knowledge and a deepened appreciation for sustainable beauty, Kevin
Murphy reinforces its position as a trailblazer in the industry,
setting the standard for responsible hairstyling and nurturing a
generation of conscious hair artists worldwide.

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