Our Aftercare


AOFM is the only Makeup Academy to provide International Aftercare to
its graduates through FREE Masterclasses, designed to support and
nurture the talents, providing with ongoing unlimited free education,
product knowledge and building international contacts.  Recognizing
the importance of continuous learning and industry exposure, the
Academy partnered with leading makeup brands to provide all graduates
with invaluable opportunities to expand their skills, network with
industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and

KIKO MILANO’s MAKEUP Masterclass at the AOFM Masterclass Festival was
an extraordinary and unforgettable event that brought together beauty
enthusiasts and makeup artists from all walks of life. With expert
guidance and innovative techniques, the masterclass empowered
attendees to explore their creativity and discover the artistry of
makeup. Participants were treated to a captivating journey through the
latest trends, high-quality products, and professional tips curated by
the esteemed KIKO MILANO team. The event not only celebrated
self-expression but also emphasized the importance of inclusivity and
diversity in the world of beauty. As a standout highlight of the AOFM
Masterclass Festival, KIKO MILANO’s MAKEUP Masterclass undoubtedly
left a lasting impression on everyone present, inspiring them to
embrace their individuality and unleash their inner makeup artist.

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