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We are pleased to see AOFM Dubai produce outstanding Artists. In keeping with our ethos AOFM extends its masterclasses in the Middle East, supporting its students and graduates with Aftercare classes by only renowned brands. At AOFM, we make certain that our graduates are supported and confident as they climb up their career ladder.

Students had the privilege of attending the masterclass led by NARS Cosmetics in Dubai Mall. Nars Cosmetics was founded in 1994 by makeup artist François Nars, whose passion took over the industry. The main focus is creating a makeup line that suits all genders without discrimination. Nars Cosmetics has a notable reputation and well known amongst PRO artists and enthusiasts.

Leading the masterclass is the Head GCC Pro Makeup Team, where our newly grads are given the advantage of developing their skills further as a professional makeup artist. In these masterclasses they learn new techniques, explored the entire NARS product range and gained insight on its benefits of using NARS Cosmetics.

We understand the importance of mentoring and these Masterclasses instil confidence in our graduates, as well as allowing them to continue to learn and network post studying. We believe they are imperative to our students’ success and their ability to go on and find jobs which they love. 

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