Our Aftercare


AOFM is the only Makeup Academy to provide International Aftercare to
its graduates through FREE Masterclasses, designed to support and
nurture the talents, providing with ongoing unlimited free education,
product knowledge and building international contacts.  Recognizing
the importance of continuous learning and industry exposure, the
Academy partnered with leading makeup brands to provide all graduates
with invaluable opportunities to expand their skills, network with
industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and

NYX Cosmetics proudly presented an extraordinary MAKEUP Masterclass
that enthralled participants and stole the spotlight as a standout
event during the AOFM Masterclass Festival. With unrivaled artistry
and an unwavering commitment to self-expression, the masterclass
immersed attendees in a world of creativity, innovation, and beauty.
Through expertly crafted techniques, hands-on experiences, and an
array of premium products, NYX Cosmetics empowered makeup enthusiasts
and professionals alike, igniting a spark of inspiration that will
continue to shine brightly in their artistic journeys. This
masterclass exemplified NYX Cosmetics’ dedication to fostering
inclusivity, celebrating individuality, and redefining beauty
standards within the makeup community. As participants carry the
knowledge and passion gained from this remarkable event, NYX Cosmetics
remains at the forefront of empowering beauty enthusiasts worldwide

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