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Our ethos in taking care of our students and graduates is what AOFM is renowned for. AOFM provides students with the tools and knowledge they require in their profession as an Artist. Our Free masterclasses is available to all AOFM students and graduates for as long as they require it. Giving them the leverage of being the best they can be in the market.

Today, Wilhelmina herself came down to the studio to hold a seminar for our AOFM grad students. Here she shared her success story to inspire our newly advanced Artists. Tip and tricks on how to build your network and work with different people – Wilhelmina how shown her reins on how to beat the competition.

Wilhelmina was founded by one of the most famous Dutch Models, Wilhelmina Cooper in 1967, New York City. She has branded her capabilities into a modelling and talent representation agency. Scouting for talent and developing them into the best industry can ask for. They are the first and only international modelling agency in Middle East, carrying international knowledge and expertise in fashion, luxury, advertising and production industries.

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