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Look Magazine Beauty Editor Masterclass

On Saturday we invited our graduates to come back to our academy in Central London for a full day of delving into the worlds’s of two of the biggest beauty editors in the industry. The grads had a full day of presentations, talks and Q&A’s ahead of them!

We started the day off with a presentation about the origins of AOFM with our Head of Education & Director: Jana Ririnui. Explaining how he started the school, why there was a need for it and how he cultivated its future, he gave the grads an in depth look at AOFM and what the future looks like for us. We see hundreds of students per year come through our doors and unfortunatley due to his busy travel schedule, Jana doesnt always get the chance to meet all of the students in our London academy, therefore it was lovely for everyone to get aquainted over the love that had brought them together: Makeup & AOFM!

It was then onto a full presentaton by the beauty editor of Look magazine. Look magazine started in 2007 and quickly became a go to pick-up for women around the uk seeking beauty and fashion guidance alongside all of the celebrity gossip that we (not so) secretly love to find out about. The role of beauty editor, as we found out doesnt just involve dicussing makeup products, but involves working with a huge team that are all beauty focused, looking for the next big things to come up in the industry as well as identifying and promoting key future makeup trends to let us all know what we should and shouldnt be doing! Once she had given her in depth talk abut her work, it was down to our grads to continue the conversation with all of their questions!

Once the grads had finished asking all of their many questions it was time to head off for lunch before coming back for the second half of the day!


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