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Charlotte Tilbury Instore Masterclass


On Wednesday AOFM joined Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup brand favoured by celebrities and a listers alike, at their beautiful flagship store in the heart of central london, Covent Garden. As the first school to get this exclusive opportunity, we were very excited to be able to take along 80 of our students & graduates of different levels for a masterclass with key artist Nelson Catarino, a pro artist discount sale & a recruitment drive for the brand.

In order to give the best opportunity for everyone to see & buy everything that they wanted, we decided to split the group into two equal halves & then again split the sessions once in store. The evening started at 7pm, whilst upstairs the students and graduates took advantage of the generous discounts the first masterclass began downstairs in Charlotte’s beautiful boudoir. With the detailed narration of Sarah, Nelson began prepping the skin with Charlotte’s magic cream, an infamous staple of the collection, due to the model having beautiful skin to begin with Nelson opted for a sheer base using Light Wonder foundation and minimal concealing using The Retoucher.

Once the models complexion was perfected nelson moved onto the eye, recalling to his audience who were hanging on his every word (champagne in hand!) of times backstage where he has had less than 10 minutes in not-so-ideal lighting conditions to achieve a full look on one of the worlds most famous supermodels, he used this anecdote to demonstrate the aspects of the look that should be focused on as opposed to the minor details that you’d be more likely to focus on given the opportunity of a longer amount of time on an editorial piece. Using the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils Sarah explained that Tilbury was incredibly proud of the formulation of this product, having the blendability of a cream but setting to a powder finish within 30 seconds, its the perfect product for achieving an effortless smokey eye for the artist on the go. Once the waterline had been lined using the Rock’n’Kohl liner Nelson explained that he was choosing not to use mascara on the lashes because he felt that the intensity had already been achieved using the simple steps he had already demonstrated.

Finally nelson moved on to the lip, opting for a heavy, gothic look for the entire face he used a Lip Cheat pencil in a deep berry shade all over the lip for longevity. The look was completed by using the Bar of Gold highlighter mixed with a dap of Magic Cream for the ultimate highlight. Sarah then went on to use a torch to demonstrate the importance of checking your model’s look  under different light sources to ensure runway perfection. After the masterclass had ended the students & graduates were given the opportunity to question Nelson, Sarah & the model about the products & techniques used throughout before swapping with the excited crowd upstairs that had already had their shopping experience under the guidance of the senior artists.

The last step of the ‘Magic’al evening was the chance to meet with the head of recruitment for the brand, exchanging their CV’s for information about what it’s like to work for this groundbreaking brand & the opportunities that would be afforded to them given the chance to join the team.

AOFM are incredibly proud of being able to partner up with some of the industry’s leading brands to provide unique & exclusive experiences such as this one & would like to take the opportunity to thank all involved, we had a great time & are looking forward to the next.


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