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Dancing with the Stars, Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist – Melanie Mills

AOFM is well known for the continued support provided to our students. Lined up this month are several virtual masterclasses with renowned guest speakers and makeup companies over the lockdown which has helped our students during these hard times. In spite of the global restrictions AOFM continues to line up multiple masterclasses to give students the upper advantage of progressing in their career. 

Our students had the opportunity to meet Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Melanie Mills – with over 20 years of experience and is known across industries for her talent, mastery in glamour and extraordinary personality. She started her journey when she took charge of the makeup department on the set of “Dancing with the Stars” where she developed products for different skin types that were hydrating, fixed minor flaws and at the same time gave people that natural glow. Creator of Gleam Glow, she has proven herself to be the expert in creating flawless skin, loved by celebrities and makeup enthusiasts.

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