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Exclusive Masterclass With Dior NYC

On Monday evening we invited our graduates along to the flagship Dior boutique in the World Trade Centre, Manhattan, for an exclusive glimpse into the elite world of Dior. Headed up by lead artist Mimi Kamara, this was a chance for our graduates to get better acquainted with the brands roots as well as seeing the brand’s hero products in action, finishing up with a Q&A with the Dior team, all washed down with a glass (or 4) of champagne, lovely.

Dior was founded in 1946, a couture fashion label that took the world by storm, a mere 12 years later Dior Cosmetics was launched, originally with just one lipstick that is still a best seller to date, the brand now has a premium product for every need and is a favourite for professionals, bloggers & makeup lovers alike.

Once the graduates had made themselves comfortable, it was time for the masterclass to begin, Mimi started by talking about the revolutionary skin care that the brand has to offer, going through each product in detail before moving on to what we were all excited for, the makeup! She started by asking ur grads whether when creating a dramatic look if they prefered to do the eye first and then the skin or vice versa, she took their opinions on board and began with the dramatic cobalt blue evening look. Mimi’s product expertise was invaluable during this, the grads had many questions about her product preferences and techniques.

Once complete, it was the grads last chance to absorb as much as they could from the Q&A before moving on to shop, shop, shop!

We had such a great time Dior, thank you again, see you soon!


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