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The Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) stands as the ultimate destination for budding makeup artists who aspire to transform their dreams into reality. Our institution offers unparalleled training for makeup artists-to-be hailing from all corners of the globe, Nashik included, with a strong emphasis on delivering a diverse array of prospects not only within Europe but also spanning far beyond its borders.

Distinguishing AOFM from its counterparts is its resolute belief in the significance of hands-on experience. We furnish our students with the invaluable opportunity to garner practical skills through placements, a facet as crucial as classroom learning. Our esteemed trainers comprise some of the most accomplished makeup artists in the industry, committed to mentoring and shepherding you on your voyage towards achieving the status of a professional makeup artist.


Why choose AOFM?


What sets AOFM in a league of its own among training academies is our firm conviction that real-world exposure stands on par with theoretical knowledge. This conviction propels us to provide students with the chance to acquire hands-on expertise through placements. Over the past decade, we’ve burgeoned into one of Europe’s foremost providers of makeup artist training. Whether your goal is to hone your skills further or to embark on a freelancing makeup career, we stand prepared to lend our support.

Graduates of AOFM seamlessly transition into a multitude of domains, encompassing editorial, runway, special effects, film and television, as well as bridal and event makeup. We extend unwavering care to our students, offering superlative aftercare services within the industry. Upon completing your training, a plethora of masterclasses and placement opportunities await, facilitating the ongoing refinement of your skills and the acquisition of invaluable experience.


Our makeup schools and opportunities in Europe


AOFM graduates go on to work across a range of fields including:


At AOFM, we believe that classroom theory and practical real-world exposure stand as twin pillars of our training curriculum. We are entrenched backstage at eminent fashion exhibitions, including those held in London, New York, Milan, and Paris, affording you the chance to immerse yourself in the universe of backstage beauty. This uniqueness places us in a league distinct from other training institutions that fall short of furnishing such a level of experiential learning. Upon graduation, a selection of over 700 placements and masterclasses becomes available, facilitating learning from luminaries in the field such as Tom Ford, MAC Pro, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, and Chanel.

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