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If your dream is to become a professional makeup artist and you’re based in Sharjah, then AOFM can provide what you’re looking for. We are a prestigious makeup school and well known within the UK and Europe for taking on students from around the world including Sharjah.

The Academy of Freelance Makeup are providers of makeup artist training and take pride in offering opportunities for our students across Europe. We have connections in all centres of fashion including London, Belfast and Paris where these opportunities are made into a reality. Our staff are made up of some of the most successful makeup artists within the industry today. On top of keeping up to date with trends, our staff will also provide insight into what goes on behind the scenes as a makeup artist.


Why choose AOFM?


AOFM believes in not just providing training to its students but also giving them on-site experience and opportunities all over Europe. Over the last 10 years we have become one of the biggest makeup artist training institutions in Europe. Are you looking to launch your freelance makeup career or just want to develop your skills further? Then one of our training academies could be what you’re looking for.


Our makeup schools and opportunities in Europe


AOFM graduates go on to work across a range of fields including:


We offer excellent aftercare opportunities once your training is complete, these include masterclasses and placements. The classroom is only part of your training at AOFM, we believe work experience is also essential. An introduction into the world of backstage beauty will help you flourish within the world of makeup. AOFM is the only makeup training academy with a presence backstage at major fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York every year. Our students benefit from over 700+ work placements and masterclasses, once they have finished graduation. The biggest names in the makeup industry all collaborate on these masterclasses, including Tom Ford, MAC Pro, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and Chanel.

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