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AOFM Teacher and Graduates work for the new Brown Obsessions Campaign

Deepa, an AOFM alumni of 2020, graduated with persistence in becoming a professional. She was adamant about assisting makeup artists and hairstylist to gain more experience. Our tutors who teach at our schools offer selected AOFM graduates assisting opportunities to help build their career. Deepa was one of many who had shown potential during her training and was given the opportunity to work with Betty for one of her high profile clients. This was Deepa’s first ever opportunity after graduation which was an experience she didn’t want to miss. Her role was to assist. It was a long day of working under pressure, she learnt to be proactive, organised and observant throughout the job. Not everyone gets a good size setup table but learnt how to put a kit together and how efficient to be with minimal space. Deepa says, “I enjoyed the level of involvement I was given and having seen Huda Katan was a memorable moment there!”

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