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Jennifer, an AOFM graduate at our Dubai Campus had the chance to assist Denny Clements one one of her shoots with Namshi, a large local industry in the Middle East. Denny is a working freelancer, internationally well known makeup and hairstylist as well as one of our instructors at AOFM. It was an outdoor shoot, so, no background rollers and air-conditioning – something a student wouldn’t expect. Jennifer has always been enthusiastic in building her career, this was just another makeup class for her. They were lucky Namshi provided a shaded stand to work in. Her and the team had to work efficiently! Models were exposed to heat and humidity, touchups was challenge against the blazing sun. They worked on several models and each look created had to be perfect on camera, despite the suns rays they had to achieve flawless makeup. Denny is a very experienced creative director and is used to a high pressure work environment. Under her guidance Jennifer was able to face the task. Jennifer picked up quick tips and tricks dealing with outdoor shoots. She has now done multiple outdoor shoots with high profile clients and is not a stranger to new challenges.


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