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AOFM Graduates @ BESFXXK Milan Men’s Fashion Week

The AOFM graduate team tuned up bright and early for our last show in Milan, BESF**k.

The look for BESF**k mainly focused on very pale sickly dewy skin, they ideas was to make the models look a little ghostly.

Skin was prepped using Dermologica’s ultra claiming cleanser, then toned with ultra calming mist, skin smoothing creme was massaged into the skin and finally, some tinted lip balm was added to moisturise the lips.

The skin had a sheer feel but was taken two shades lighter with a white based foundation mixed in for that transparency.

Brow gel was brushed through the brows to keep them in place.

To finish up this look some powder was added under the eye in the lineup.

A stunning show and the aofm graduate pro team rocked it as always.

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