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Graduates @ Blood Brother AW London Men’s

Our graduates second day at LFMW and it started with a modern and edgy brand, a new partner for AOFM, Blood Brother. What an incredible brand and what and incredible start to the day, early start today but worth the morning, with the team of graduates all ready and prepped for a specific look from the designers it was off to find the models and begin their transformation. The collection named “The Thames” was inspired by the very same river, while vast in both size and relevance, its potential for inspiration was overwhelming. Since the dawn of time, infinite motives have drawn londoners far and wide to the banks of this majestic river, it has always been a site where people can rediscover and source what they need, its kind of the heart of the beautifully gritty city of London and the reason why it exits. The whole collection references the river’s mapping and cartography and this can be seen in the use of prints, detailed embroidery over various materials such as silks, sweats and tailoring pieces executed in the brands key seasonal shapes.

So with this in mind the make up was particular and it was necessary that it was adept to the collection. To start off with, our graduates gave the models a very clean and simple first layer to begin with, ensuring all models were clean shaven and fresh faced. Then to add more to the drama, our Aofm graduates then added some blotches of subtle redness throughout the face, neck, ears and even hands to give a sense of utilitarian workmanship and the sometimes blistering winds of the Thames river. Its a very particular look, but with the brand having such a clear vision of their collection, it was not only our pleasure to help them succeed in executing it perfectly but also working with the for the first time.

With a brand that defines itself by a highly distinctive and precise aesthetic, with its its sartorial garment construction and its iconic technical outerwear, Blood Brother fuses the subtleties of contemporary fashion design and garment construction with the essentials of comfort and functionality. Founders Nicholas Beia and James Waller both have honed collectively their repertoires working for brands such as Diesel, CSM Design Lab and J. Lindberg, and have together under Blood Brother created a brand new breed of men’s sartorial sportswear apparel and we were honored to help them with their AW 17/18.

The team of graduates did an amazing job at ensuring each and every single one of the 24 models had the look down via the power of make up, it was an amazing collaboration and to many more.

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