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AOFM Graduates @ Blood Brother London Men’s

Back for another season with Blood Brother, the graduate team scurried from all over London this morning for their 10am call time at the official London Fashion Week Venue of 180 The Strand. Blood Brother is a British streetwear brand specialising in men’s clothing, footwear & accessories, its aesthetic is distinctive, young & fresh.

The grads had a lot of models to prep today so there was no time to waste, it was straight to it! As is often common during these hard, cold winter months in London, a lot of the model’s skin was suffering from the dehydrated atmosphere, so whilst it was important to manage their time efficiently, the grads also had to be sure to do full skincare on the models, aiding the finished look of being effortlessly flawless.

The show was attended by a lot of young fashion bloggers alongside the creme de la creme of the british fashion press, once the show was over the grads had to wiggle past the paparazzi outside and head on to the next show!

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