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AOFM Graduates @ Boris Bijan Saberi Paris Men’s Fashion Week

The AOFM graduate pro team was backstage at an industrial underground car park in Paris for the Boris Bidjan Saberi show.

Boris who is of German descent, but designs out of Barcelona has a lot of military inspirations throughout his collections and this season it was no different.

The Makeup look was very clean skin with graphic lines in variants designs stuck on the face made from felt and mesh.

We started by prepping the skin with Dermologica ultra calming cleanser, then a spritz of multi-active toner all over the skin avoiding the eyes, lastly Dermologica’s skin smoothing creme was massaged the skin and a slight touch of tinted moisturiser in a shade to match and complement the skin tone of the model skin was applied all over the face worked in with a buffing brush or sponge.

A slight bit of powder was added under the eyes to prevent creasing and clear brow gel was added to the brows give them a brushed up feel.

Then we started to add the mesh and graphic black line design based on each models looks.

The black lines were made of black felt tape that was sticky on one side, to make sure this would stay in place a little pros air was added directly to the skin and then left to dry before placing the tape and mesh.

All in all another successful show for Aofm and a very interesting look.

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