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AOFM Graduates @ CAPUCCI: Milan Fashion Week

Hello from day 2 of Milan Fashion Week,

The sun has been shining and the graduate teams are in full swing ready for todays show with Italian powerhouse CAPUCCI. For nearly 50 years Capucci has been an iconic name when it comes to the history of Italian fashion, having being famously admired by Christian Dior himself, the brand is a mark of quality and its the epitomy of classic italian style.

The graduates have been very lucky so far this season in Milan with their call times, today was another afternoon time of 2:30pm, allowing them to have had a lazy morning in the city, scouting out the Italian makeup boutiques & taking in the beauty of their surroundings. Once they got to the venue it was time to set up and watch the demonstration for the day by the key artist. Todays look was all about the glow, not particularly heavy but all about projecting a very youthful radience. Most of the models for todays show were of a darker complexion, having their hair styled into afros to match the 70s feel of the Spring/Summer 2018 ruwnway show.

After the key makeup artist had given the thumbs up on all of the looks, the grads carefully checked them over in the line up after they had been dressed & then it was show time! By the time the show was over and the buzz had died down, the evening had already drawn in and it was time for the grads to head back to the hotel and get well rested ready for tomorrows big day of shows.

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