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Graduates Charli Cohen London

Charli Cohen’s CC2S collection is broadly inspired by the confusion and contradiction of being a millennial and is very personal to the designer. The collection diverts into the over -saturation of influencer culture, internet fame and the fanatical consumption of celebrity endorsed goods and merchandise. How the idolization of “celebrity” has impacted everything from our spending habits, to our sense of of self-worth, to our politics.

The silhouettes play on the freedom of a 90’s childhood, contrasted against the trappings of young adulthood in a bizarre social, economical and political landscape. For AW17, the color palette used throughout the collection has been based around sandy nudes,  grey tones, punctuated with powder blue, metallic gold and graphic black and white. And because of this particular look the make had to be subtle and understated, the team at Charli Cohen wanted our Aofm graduates to just moisture the models to give them a sense of freshness to resonate the style of the collection, very eased make up to showcase the clothes in a more wearable fashion.

It was the last show of the day and the Aofm graduates enjoyed the perks of the presentation, check out our instagram page to check out the fun our graduates with the models at Charli Cohen, what an incredible, fresh and of our times concept.

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