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Graduates @ Chicca Lualdi New York

Chicca Lualdi is an old friend of our from shows in Milan, we have worked with the brand numerous times as she has showcased her beautiful womenswear collections in Europe so it was with great pleasure that we teamed up with her again, this time in New York during her collaboration with asian Designer Sumy D for their Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 runway show.

The graduates arrived for their late afternoon call time having just left another show with a spring in their set as it was the first day of sunshine since the snow storm here in New York. They set up their stations backstage at Studio 59, the home of on schedule NYFW this season. There were 26 models to complete and 2 hours to complete them, the look: gorgeous dewy skin with an almost summertime blush and a coral lip. Lovely.

Once complete it was time for touch ups as the models had eaten & drank since leaving the chair. Showtime! The models showcased a vast array of clothing which showed a very clear contrast between the italian romance of Lualdi is influence but also the ultra modern cute of the Korean Sumy D.

A great success all round!

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