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Graduates @ Christopher Raeburn London Men’s

This afternoon we sent our graduates to work backstage with British titan designer Christopher Raeburn again, our relationship with this designer is one of long standing, having worked backstage on his shows 6 times previously, it was with warm welcome that the graduates arrived today. Once the graduates had unpacked their kits it was time to make a start on the 28 models that were already arriving.

Christopher Raeburn has always taken a strong stance on creating beautiful clothing from sustainable materials, tying in these morals with current global affairs, his new collections have bold statements made obvious from large wording printed on the fabrics throughout.

The graduates set about creating a beautiful youthful look that was translated onto the female models, once complete it was off to the dressers! The line up was in place it was time for finishing touches and powder where needed. Christopher Raeburn is always a destination show during Men’s Fashion Week & today was no different, a large crowd of the industry’s elite along with journalists & bloggers alike were awaiting in anticipation to see what the designer had install from next years winter period!

The graduates did a great job & we cant wait to see them backstage again soon!

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