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Graduates @ Christopher Raeburn London Men’s

At 180 the strand our AOFM Graduates joined the master of recyclable material Mr Christopher Raeburn, another amazing collaboration with him, AOFM has worked with him a lot and his creations are amazing.

The Graduate team was busy ensuring that the models had their specific looks on point, they wanted very neutral skin, beautiful and radiant. The main make up accent was a sharp line over the eye, almost subtle but the colour was bright almost neon orange. To go with the runway look this immediate blast of colour really lifted the collection, Christoper Raeburn’s clothes has fantastic colours in sheer materials, but all muted into each other, the make up by our talented AOFM graduate team really matched the look and truly made it stand out during LFMW.

Some of the AOFM graduates were asked to even standby and be by the runway to help ensure the looks were perfect when the models pranced the runway, what an honour and such a beautiful collaboration, I’m sure our AOFM Graduates can’t wait for the next one.




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