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Graduates @ D Gnak London Men’s

One of the AOFM graduates last shows and what an amazing show, the multitude of clothes were fantastic. So many looks meant so many models, 25 in fact, our graduates had their work cut out for them.

The space was limited but the graduate team were amazing, they truly worked hard and the show went amazing. Now for the look, the fashion of D. Bank is stunning so the make up had to reflect that, the models were moisturised and prepped with natural make up and radiant skin, not to glistening just very natural. The girl models were prepped by the AOFM graduate team with some winged eyeliner also and a simple red lip not too distracting.

But the main part and the bold part of the entire make up look by our incredible graduate team backstage was the symbolism, D. Gnak asked for specific symbols being painted on some of the models, free hand now that is some tough workmanship but our AOFM Graduates did it beautifully and the show looked incredible.







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