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AOFM Graduates @ DAKS Milan Men’s

The jewel in the crown of Mens Fashion Week in Milan, DAKS! An old favourite of our that we look forward to season after season, their playful twists on classic clothing teamed with their huge productions in beautiful venues, we just love DAKS!

DAKS as a brand is recognised globally as a mark of excellence, it is quintessentially British and is recognised as a preferred clothing brand of the royal family. With timeless prints, innovative cuts & effortless elegance, DAKS is a titan in the fashion industry. We were honoured to join them again in Milan today as they showcased their AW18/19 collection of both men’s and women’s fashions of the future.

The graduates rushed from one side of Milan to the other to reach the venue in time for the 11:30am call time as they had just finished at a different show, upon arrival there was no time to waste, with a massive model cast of 20 women and 30 men to be made up in 3 hours, there was only time for a quick briefing from the key artist before the grads had to get started, staying true to the classic routes of the brand, these were makeup looks of minimalism and were solely focuses around making the models look naturally flawless, with AOFM’s grads being so well versed in no makeup-makeup, they breezed through this, working efficiently and as a team to get the job done. As you can see from the video, this show was not one to be missed!


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