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Graduates @ DAKS SS18 Milan

It’s fashion week in the beautiful city of Milano in Italy, the AOFM Graduates were tackling a couple shows, busy busy busy, that’s the best of MFW and the opportunities are bountiful here at AOFM.

First up the amazing brand called DAKS.

Their look was inspired by the classic 1920/1940 jock captain of the rowing team, Eton or Cambridge boys. American posh jock And preppy school boy looks were all the rage at DAKS.

 The makeup was very clean and fresh, our AOFM Graduate team warmed up the skin slightly and added a Sotto bronze glow to the skin, powder was only applied under the eye, to give an extra super healthy and beautiful aura to thealr models.

Fantastic show with the generous help of our AOFM Graduate teams backstage.





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