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Graduates @ Daniel W. Fletcher AW17/18 London Men’s

It was a very early start here for the graduates, with a call time of 8am the morning’s coffee was just taking effect as the team came together in the heart of London’s elite area of Mayfair to join menswear designer Daniel W. Fletcher for the AW17/18 presentation. London Men’s Collection is always the starting point of AOFM’s fashion week marathon, seeing the teams travel around the world, working alongside some of the biggest designers so as I’m sure you can imagine, today’s start was full of anticipation and excitement.

Daniel W. Fletcher made fashion headlines across the world last year when presenting his SS17 collection after working for a year at Louis Vuitton, taking a strong political stance during the UK’s referendum which took prominence throughout his line, not only this but the designer, just 25 years old is also the stylist to Hollywood titan Antonio Banderas. All of this has lead to his highly anticipated AW17/18 collection of which we were so proud to be a part of.

The look for the show was very simple, making the models look fresh and youthful the graduates set to work starting by prepping the skin and then moving on to a light concealer where needed. Once complete, the models were off to the stylist’s to be dressed for the presentation. The doors were opened to a crowd of the fashion glitterazzi and the presentation began. With light touch ups here and there, the presentation was a massive success and is going to be featured in the global fashion press.

We had no time for a break, it was straight on to the next show!

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