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Graduates Ekaterina Kukhareva London

Ekaterina Kukhareva was an amazing collection, her intricate knowledge of yarn behavior, various knitting techniques and technical expertise allow Ekaterina to transfer patterns and prints into 3D in form of womenswear. Each collection is inspired and based around a specific set of patterns, which are very much a part of Ekaterina Kukhareva brand and form the DNA of the brand.
These paterns are translated into wearable items of clothing which range in their composition from overcomplicated, colorful and bold 4 color jacquard to single solid color woven fabrics with intricate and elaborate design done in acetate clear yarn.
This presentation was an event, loosely inspired by the William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, especially the story of Ophelia there was definitely a specificity to the look of the make up that would translate itself unto the collection. The major art direction that Ekaterina want to to evoke with the make up was almost woodland inspired, nymph like not so much ethereal but definitely strong and bold eye look. The AOFM graduates issued graphic liner with sporadic upward strokes and gold glitter shimmer on the eyelids and some to highlight the face.
The end presentation truly was stunning, with a mixture of the amazing florally distressed set and the mixture of children models and even a girl who was 7 months pregnant, it was beautiful and the make up, the graduates truly enjoyed the free hand eye make up they were allowed to showcase, and it all truly worked together another amazing collaboration.
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