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Graduates @ Ethologie London

AOFM Graduates have been backstage at Ethologie’s shows every season during London Fashion Week for years, we have always maintained a good relationship with the brand and head designer Jasper Garvida and his team so it was with great excitement that our graduates made their way to The Bloomsbury Hotel in the heart of Central London for there 2pm call time.

Once the graduates had set up their stations it was time to set to work on creating the 60’s inspired look for the show that would perfectly set off large beehived hairstyle. A gold shadow, cateyed liner and a beautiful peachy blush that tied in the nudey pink shade of lipstick. Once the grads had finished prepping the skin they began on the 12 models in the show. After finishing the looks the models were sent off to hair and styling before returning to the team for top ups and touch ups before the crowd arrived.

The lights were up and it was show time, this show was live streamed to over a thousand viewers so whilst it was only a lucky few that got to watch it first hand, there was an even greater audience anticipating the collection.

What a great way to finish off the London leg of our Fashion Week Marathon!

Time to head to Milan!

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