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AOFM Graduates @ Fashion Shenzhen Milan Fashion Week

What a way to end a fashion week! Today here in Milan, our graduates took on the biggest show of the season, 60 MODELS!

With 60 women to get through and 4 hours to do it, it took a massive grad team and a massive amount of hard work to get today’s show accomplished, but true to form with our grad teams, they did it!

Starting at 2pm this afternoon, the teams loaded in and the models arrived, the key artist gave the demo of the look, being a fashion week classic, glowy skin and a bold lip. There was not a second to waste for our grads, working efficiently to execute each of the looks in a timely manner. The look was altered slightly throughout the day in a way that the key artist and the designer had predetermined – the lips were changed here and there, pinks and reds mainly with the occasional plum tone.

The show had a huge turn out of the fashion press to see the runway of the Chinese design house’s vision for the coming year in fashion.

With all said and done, that was the end of Milan Fashion Week for our graduate teams and a job well done indeed. Some of our grads will be heading back to London whilst others are heading all over Europe and the US for a few days break before the madness of Paris Fashion Week begins!

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