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AOFM Graduates @ Global Fashion Collective – New York Fashion Week

Its been a gorgeous day here in New York today, boiling hot and our team has been working at the famous: Pier 59, which looks out over the Hudson river and onto the neighbouring land of Manhattan. This team arrived to their midday call time bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to create the gorgeous look for The Global Fashion Collectives showcase, featuring the brand Osara.

It was a big show today, 35 models, each requiring a unique look comprised of gorgeous glowing skin and an avant-garde pressed flower print applied around the face. With that in mind, there was no time for small talk today, we had a team of 10 graduates backstage, luckily with a generous, well-lit space, the team were able to work quickly and efficiently, each taking care of the base first before the key artist came around to instruct them on how the flowers were to be applied.

Before we knew it, the music was playing, the lights were up and the models were sashaying down the runway, three hours of prep had disappeared and the worlds fashion press were out in full force to capture the gorgeous show.

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