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Graduates @ Haizhen Wang London

Haizhen Wang signature masculine femininity isn’t as straightforward as some might think. Some will jump to common images of suit jackets and easy to wear trousers, but Wang’s hybrid aesthetic is far more romantic, he tales tailoring and sportswear and creates some refreshing and timeless, it has pedestrian extravagance.

HAIZHEN WANG AW17 collection is inspired by the notion of being in transit and constant movement. It is a metaphorical reaction of global immigration and a reflection of the new journey that the brand has embarked (upon). As a result, the collection has a nomadic feeling that is driven by a demand to be comfortable and better equipped for a transfer from one place to another. Discussing this type of collection made our Aofm graduates very excited, they wanted a very beautifully glistening skin so just by using the amazing products of Dermalogica we managed to ensure that. Then as a finishing in touch Haizhen Wang’s team decided on a subtle red burgundy rouge lip, they wanted to add this sinister lip to go with this on the go look that the collection is trying to inform via the amazing set at The Swiss Church in Endell Street.

The setting was very industrial with hues of slate and different shades of grey which was perfect for the runway collection cause the clothes were patterned and dark therefore standing out and with slick back hair and even though the dark lip administered by our amazing Aofm graduates, it really shone through the entire collection so beautifully cohesive.

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