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AOFM Graduates @ Hed Mayner Paris Men’s Fashion Week

The brief for the makeup at Hed Mayner was minimal and fresh for the skin and for some models blue painted feet was added.

For the skin, the focus was on skin care keeping the skin fresh-faced and minimal working with the model’s natural beauty.

Having the Dermalogica range backstage really helped and we made use of hero products like ultracalming cleanser and mist, redness relief primer and the serum drops mixed into active moist to really balance the skin out.

A lightweight tinted moisturiser was applied all over the skin and then pinpoint concealing was then added.

For the blue paint on the feet, we 1st gave the models a manicure and shapes there nails so they would look good under our paint.

We then took a bright blue body paint and added it to the feet top and soles, sealing it with a Makeup sealer spray and drying them off with a hair dryer to make sure that the paint did not transfer on the ground or the clothes.

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