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AOFM Graduates @ Iceberg Milan Fashion Week

It wouldnt be a fashion week in Milan without our grad team heading backstage with Iceberg!

Iceberg’s style roots are based in Sweden, started in 1974, the brand is synonymous with sports and knitwear, although often branching out into other areas of fashion. Showcasing between London and Milan’s fashion weeks, our graduate team are old pro’s when it comes to this particular collaboration.

With an astonishing 45 models to get through in just 3 hours, today’s show required one of our biggest graduate teams this season, the grads arrived at 1pm and prepared to get to WORK! Luckily, 15 of the models were male, meaning they required nothing but skincare and a little concealer. The look for the women had been agreed in advance between the designers and the key artist, keeping in mind the scale of the show, it had to be simple but effective. In combination with the usual gorgeous skin, the graduates would be applying a metallic silver liner to each of the models. It may seem small, but getting do have a little creativity in the looks really get s our grads excited, so with the fast pace of todays show teamed the look, today was a really fun show for them to be a part of.

Showtime was minutes away and a handful of the grads were selected by the key artist to swiftly walk up the lineup, applying last minute touches and making sure any areas of visible skin were moisturized.

\once the show was done, the grads were straight into cars and on their way to the next show!

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