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AOFM Graduates @ ICY – New York Fashion Week

An evening call time beckoned our graduate team today, heading in from around the city to Industria, a beacon of style in NYC during fashion week. Icy is a two-designer powerhouse originating in Beijing and now catapulted into commercial success around the world.

With the show being not as great of a scale as the one that the grads came from, half of the team had already headed out into the city for dinner and half headed here to the show. The look for the show was a colourful one, with each of the models having a different coloured liner which had been predetermined by the designers and the key artist for the show which would offer a playful juxtaposition to the brands quirky fashions.

Another runway spectacular, the grads were on hand in the lineup for final touchups before the models began the stomp the runway before heading home to rest up for the following day of full shows.

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