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AOFM Graduates @ ILFWDA London Fashion Week

ILFWDA stands for Independent London Fashion Week Designers Association, a day where up and coming designers based in London showcase their work for the London Fashion Week audience.

Our grads were backstage kicking off the first day of the London leg of our famous fashion week marathon, the call time was 6am & in the cold winter of London, however with the glamorous venue of The Waldorf, it wasn’t all bad news as the grads arrived.

Once briefed by the key artist on the first look of the day, the grads started setting out their kits and getting ready for a LONG day of shows, 12 designers doing full runway throughout, the graduates would be kept on their toes for the whole day.

Throughout the day the key artist pulled the grads back in for further briefings on how the looks were about to change and how to achieve them.

After a long, long, long day, the grads finally finished late into the evening, time for some dinner before getting their rest for another busy day tomorrow!

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