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Graduates @ Instituto Marangoni London Men’s

Our AOFM graduates were amazed by the fantastic location in east london that the Institute had chosen to showcase their brightest young talents. Set in the beautiful christ church in commercial street, the students had loads of models to beautify and not a lot of space because of the quarters, but our resilient AOFM graduates managed perfectly ensuring an amazing show.

The AOFM graduates were asked for very minimal make up, because the designs were so avant guard. They wanted flawless skin, glistening on the runway, very natural make up to enhance to beauty of the models. But adding a bit of pow with some minimal mascara they wanted to accentuate the length of the lashes but without the abrupt fake lash effect. The whole collection had a lot of show stoppers therefor make up was perhaps secondary to some but using those nude lip hues and bronzer on the cheeks really added to creating that sun kissed, summer glow that the show needed.

The AOFM graduate worked really fast but truly encapsulated some beautiful looks on the runway, they thoroughly enjoyed the looks and were super happy to be part of the Instituto Marangoni vision. Not a shabby start to London Fashion Week

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