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Graduates @ Jarret New York

This afternoon the AOFM graduates joined Korean womenswear brand JARRET backstage at Studio 59, the heart of on schedule New York Fashion Week, for the Autumn/Winter 2017/18 runway show.

Although it is our first time collaborating with this label, it was actually a catch up with old friends, the driving force behind the brand being Ji Youn Lee, previously found at Ii Jin, whom our graduates created looks for on numerous occasions. The collection on show today was called “The Purple Cloud”, focusing on bringing femininity to a new level with inspiration from endowing Empresses and the portrayal of royal women.

The graduates arrived mid afternoon to begin creating what is the kit creative look so far this season, beautiful fashion skin with a flush of rouge to the cheeks and finished off with a multi tone purple unblended eye & metallic tears!

With 26 models to complete and 2 hours in which to do it, the graduates had plenty to keep busy with.

Once the models were finished and dressed it left just enough time to do last minute touch ups and apply moisturiser to all skin on show. The lights went up and the models began the show, much to the delight of the fashion glitterazzi!

No time for rest bite, it was off to the next show, great job graduates!

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