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AOFM Graduates @ Jayne Pierson: London Fashion Week

Jayne Pierson is an internationally acclaimed womenswear designer who started out working with Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood before launching her own line 6 years ago. Having shown her work at both London & Paris fashion weeks as well as being featured in Italian Vogue and in fashion press around the world, it was very exciting for our graduates to get backstage at the Conde Nast College in Soho, Central London.

Most of the graduates working on the show had just arrived straight from one of the days other shows so had to jump straight in and set up before watching the key artist show them the look for the day which was very minimal and fresh paired with a pop of colour on the eye. The graduates always love the chance to get a little creative with colour so it was a fun opportunity for them to put their skills and experience to work.


A busy show of 18 models, the graduates had to work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all of the models were ready before being whisked off to get dressed. Just in time for touch ups, a few of the grads joined the model line up to apply the finishing touches and makeup sure all of the models were powdered on the face and moisturised on the legs. Once the show had ended it was the end of the day for the grads & time to go home for some well deserved rest in time for tomorrow’s busy day.

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