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AOFM Graduates @ JSong- New York Fashion Week

With graduates travelling from around the world to kick off another New York Fashion Week, the first leg of our famous fashion week marathon, it was a nice way to begin with a small presentation in Mid Town, Manhattan. Creating the looks for the Jsong presentation, our grads arrived at their mid-morning call time ready to make some magic.

With a focus on sustainability, JSong’s collection featured only handmade clothes made with eco-friendly material. To complement this natural vibe, our grads set about creating the look for the day. Gorgeous glowing skin, creamy blush and a glossy lip- Lovely!

With only 8 models for the presentation, the team of 5 grads were able to work through them at a leisurely, relaxed pace. Once complete, the presentation began! The grads stuck around for touch ups and then headed out to get lunch and catch up!

Let the NYFW madness begin!



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