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Graduates @ Judy Wu London

One of our first at London Fashion Week was the beautifully talented Judy Wu, its a first time collaboration with her brand. Her aesthetic highlights feminine strength and sensuality with intricate embellishments and engineered color blocking. Balanced between artistry and wearability, Wu’s designs are cut with precision using an eclectic mix of fabrics. Her work is both artistically structured yet colorfully flowing which could be attributed to her painting past.

This “PRISM” collection was no different, WU creates structures with color panelling and the use of fold and pleating to disengage the continuity of pattern and lines, exactly how light refracts through a prism. This presentation was set almost clinically with her media helpers wearing lab coats and running around helping her to show uniformity, clearly the sign of a very visionary designer.

Our AOFM graduates had their job cut out with a gel back swept sheen look, the focus was all in the eyes, the brief required something specific and avant garde but bold, an all orange pigmented eye lid. Striking and yet so complimentary to the collection, it made the clothes stand out and gave the graduates a chance to develop their comprehension of pigmented make up.

An amazing collaboration and beautiful collection the graduates thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Painting Rooms Presentations next to the Strand as they left while walking on the quirky strips of yellow on the floor with designer Judy Wu’s name all over them.


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