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AOFM Graduates @ Judy Wu: London Fashion Week

Being that the designer had opted for using mainly mannequins for her show & only having one model in her presentation of her Spring/Summer presentation, this was a presentation that only required one graduate to assist the lead artist. That said, the usual goings on of being backstage for a presentation were all exactly the same, seeing the full production team rally around to make the most of the model that had been selected.

As the lead artist created the makeup look for todays presentation with Judy Wu, the graduate was responsible for nails and body, just two of the many key skills learned whilst at AOFM.

Once all touch-ups were done and the model had been dressed, it was time for the model to join the line-up of mannequins and get ready for the onslaught of fashion lovers to come visit the London Fashion Week presentation space in the heart of Covent Garden, central London.

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