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AOFM Graduates @ Ka Wa Key London Fashion Week Mens

Today our grads were backstage with H&M Design Award finalist, Ka Wa Key. It is an imaginative story that Key told today, one of the monks imagining and dreaming about being a model in the works of photographer Ren Hang

To complement the designs and inspiration with the makeup we gave the models an incredibly sweaty, wet and dreamlike face texture, with the innocence of youth.

A dark, burnt orange colour was applied on the eyelids, under the eye and blended up on the temples to reincarnate the colour of a monks clothing.
A rosy colour was applied on the apple of the cheeks to hint towards that youthful innocence.

Today Marked the end of LFWM for the grads, but not to worry, there’s plenty more fashion week to come, as our grads pack their cases and head to Milan!

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